African Wire and Bead Craft Art


People! Passion! Pride!

That’s our motto here at Streetwires. People come first because without our very valuable team there would be no Streetwires.  Although we are a serious enterprise that operates according to sound business principles we like to think that Streetwires is a fun place to work, a place where artists feel a sense of ownership and investment in the company and where creative dreams are realized.

  • Tata my Hundreds

    A fun new initiative in the studio is the bi-weekly raffle for which the artists buy tickets and one lucky person wins the pot. We have also had some generous donations of cakes and other goodies for the draw. If you would be interested in donating a prize for this raffle, please contact Lauren at



  • Lion’s Head Climb

    Recently, our super interns Theresa Stark and Audrey Cuoq arranged an unforgettable outing for our artists. A Lion’s Head climb was arranged and for many of our artists this was the first time that they had seen our beautiful city from above. A generous sponsor donated money for transport, water and snacks and the eager troop set off for the summit, reaching it in time to watch the sun go down. It would be a long article indeed if we were to list the artist’s comments, but, apart from the odd aches and pains and stiffness experienced the next day, a really good time was had by all.