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Well, this is our first newsletter in a long time, and we are going to try to do our best to send one out every month to our incredible Streetwires customers, supporters and friends. Spring has arrived, bringing the promise of summer and its mixed blessings – hay fever for some, and for us at Streetwires the beginning of our crazy busy season. Not that we’re complaining, we love being busy. The whole atmosphere changes, we laugh more, we fight more and we work very, very hard to get all our Christmas orders out on time. So “Happy Spring” to our local customers and “Happy Autumn” to our Northern Hemisphere customers and friends.

Hot off the press
Watch this space
Visitors to Streetwires in the past two years will know that, for various reasons, we sublet the downstairs workshop for a period of time. James and his merry troop of wood workers were great tenants but they have moved on and we have reclaimed the space for our own. Our onsite shop has become so popular that we have decided to move the shop to the downstairs and keep the workshop and office upstairs. This will mean that the shop will be much bigger and better – a one stop wire and bead art concept shop, that we believe will be the first of it’s kind in South Africa. It will also be wheelchair friendly and people will still be welcomed into the artist’s workshop to meet and watch them at work and/or take part in a wire art workshop. The upstairs store will remain open until we open the new store.

We are running a crowd funding initiative to raise cash in order to build the shop, install fittings and produce and source stock. We will ask for pre-sales to the value of R1000.00, which the customer can claim at any time, and we will offer a further 15% discount on the sale so that one has an extra R150.00 to spend. We will send out a mail with more details in the next week and we hope that we can get you as excited about our new venture as we are.

Staff News
Farewell Flo
In our (almost 15 years) of business, we have hosted hundreds of interns and we come to love them all like family. This month we bid farewell to Florentin Goulefer. It was one of our saddest goodbyes and I don’t think any of us will ever forget him. Flo has an extraordinary work ethic and a real talent for life. He sorted out a new way for us to work with our POS system (which is going to help a lot in our new shop), he organised the other interns into brochure drops at hotels in the city, designed a mailer for tour guides, he was willing to get involved in all aspects of the daily business and he always did it with a smile. He learned to make wire and bead art, played soccer with the guys at lunch, played the guitar, sang in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and imprinted himself on our hearts forever. Go well our lovely Flo. We know you will succeed in anything you do.

Streetwires Commissions
Hot Commission
We were recently commissioned to make this briefcase for a client, which was photographed for the cover a magazine. It has generated so much interest that we have already produced another one for an American collector who would not take no for an answer. The beadwork was done by our superbly talented master beader Dumi Gasela. We are reluctant to part with the original, but are happy to take orders for it, priced at R8200.00 ex VAT.

Netshomi Zam Commissions
Netshomi Zam @ Streetwires Hot Commission of the month
Yep, the NZ team have been making magic again! Watch out for these beauties at the International Departures Lounge. Thank you Munier Barden for another brilliant commission and your ongoing support.

Brand new
New products
Watch out for these new products that will be available in our shop towards the end of the month.