29.10 2012

It’s been really exciting seeing our first blog post go live, and we hope that you, dear Streetwires fan, will comment so that we get an idea of what you like to read about. Anyway, looking at our first post, it occurs that there needs to be a follow on radio story. Since making our famous tin radio, we’ve made many more styles. Along with our classic Township radio we have our Ndebele Radio, Funky Radio, Cape Town Radio, Jazzy Radio, Baobab Radio, Safari Radio and even a mini Township radio. We have also customized radios for various clients.

Branded Tin Radio

More recently we have played with fully beaded radios. In 2009, in anticipation of the World Cup we designed the Soccer Radio which was really popular during the event.

Of course after the World Cup there were a lot of discarded Vuvuzelas so we created our funky little Vuvu Radios. Amazingly, just placing the widest part of the trumpet over the speaker actually amplifies the sound.

In 2011, partnering with the Indalo Project, we presented African Sounds Radios, a series of delightfully whimsical animal car radios.

Also in 2011, we were invited to collaborate on a commemorative radio for the Cape Craft and Design Institutes 10th birthday.

Next year we hope to launch a new radio – watch this space.