22.06 2018

We have a new intern with us – fresh from the USA! Now that she is a little settled, Susannah has decided to pick some of her favourite products to recommend when you visit Streetwires. Here’s her words below. Enjoy!

The Keychain: You know when you go halfway across the world and your family expects you to bring them back presents even though you’re super broke? Well, have I got the thing for you! We sell keychains which are the perfect affordable gift for all of your friends and family. The great thing about our keychains is that there are so many to choose from. Get your big sister a sassy shoe and your little brother a lizard and your mom something classic, like a lion. Either way, it’s hand-made, traditional bead art. The perfect gift to sum up your trip to Cape Town!

Beaded stools: We have these beautiful beaded stools that can either be colourful or muted, depending upon what you are looking for. If you love the stools but want a specific colour scheme to match your home, we do custom orders. We weld them and then have the artists use wooden beads to decorate the tops. Because they are welded together, they are quite durable and very strong, and the wooden beads add a nice texture to any aesthetic. Put them in your living room, your porch, or even your kitchen. You’ll find they are as comfortable to sit on, as they are to look at.

Wall mounted animal heads: So maybe you have a super cute apartment back at home that you’ve been searching for the perfect decor for. If that’s the case, we have these amazing animal head wall mounts that come in various sizes. There’s rhinos, lions, zebras, gazelles… basically anything you can think of! The best thing is that obviously, no animals were harmed, so you can admire the beauty of these animals with a clear conscious.

Good choices, Susannah – and we hope you agree! Do pop in to come and have a browse and a chat with us. We’ll introduce you to Susannah, and maybe you can let her know which are your favourite products too.