28.06 2017

We have two new interns with us at the moment – we’ll introduce you to them soon. They’re doing some amazing work with us, and we’re really glad to have them here! We asked them to give some ‘first impression’ type feedback, and we thought we’d share with you what their top three favourite products are so far.

First up is Myranda Castanon

#1 The Elephant Head (“The Elephant in the Room”)

The first piece that struck my eye was the Elephant head mostly because of its size but also because of how it glistens so beautifully! When you get closer to it, it becomes even more enormous and the details in the piece start to stand out as well. It has such a presence because the colours are just right and the neatness is impeccable – it really is such a flawless piece. It truly gives off a quiet and peaceful energy just like a real Elephant would.

#2 Mini Hippo

This was my second favourite item in the shop because the Hippopotamus is one of my favourite animals and I was able to see a wild Hippo for the first time just a few weeks ago. What I like about this piece as well is the colours that are used – shades of purple, black and silver/grey. The purple beads make this item stand out and sparkle, while the silver wire used for the nostrils also stands out against the colour of beads used. It is one of the cutest animal pieces in the shop, in my opinion ☺.

#3 Custom made colourful tree

After a few weeks in the shop, I finally noticed this small tree with curvy branches and colourful leaf petals. It reminds me a lot of a flower and a tree combined. The branches look very unique up close and I loved the matte look to the wire that was used. It is a very dynamic yet simple piece that would fit perfectly in any room of your house, office, bathroom.. really anywhere!

Next we ask Alexandre Karam what caught his eye

The Lion Head is one of the beautiful pieces in the shop for me because of the details, and it’s incredible how he looks like a real one. Once you put him on a white wall you cannot stop looking at him. His name reminds me of one of the three mountains of Cape Town.

These Trees are amazing! Each of them is different and when they all are on the wall together it’s incredible. You imagine that you’re in the wild and the trees are surrounding you.

Now, this white Lion… I saw this one for the first time this morning and I love his kingliness. He reminds me why the lion is the king of the jungle, and his mane in white is so classy.

What do you think? I tend to agree with these choices! Want to find out more about Myranda & Alex, who they are, what their advertures at Streetwires and Cape Town include? Watch this space for some more blogs from them.