25.11 2016



We have been so lucky to have crossed paths with an extraordinary artist, with an extraordinary story, and even more extraordinary talents.

What makes it even more amazing is that Citizen is a beader. If you know anything about wire & bead art, you will know that the men normally focus on the wire armature, while the beading is reserved for the ladies.

With a tertiary education in Fine-Art, Citizen has broken stereotypes and discovered a passion for ‘painting with beads’.

Citizen’s story is an interesting one. Let’s meet the man behind some amazing gallery pieces that we will be auctioning soon.

Having studied extensively, Citizen’s academic background spans both Fine Art and Chef School. In the end, art won, as Citizen says he met his wife at Chef-School and soon realized that a marriage can only have one chef, so he decided to refocus on art instead.

 Citizen’s academic achievements didn’t come easily. Suffering from anxiety, he dropped out of college for a little while. During this time, he really struggled to find work, so he decided to help his mom out in her business. He never actually knew what his mother did for a living. He just knew that the family was always provided for. He found out soon enough when he joined her. His mother owns a very successful funeral parlour, and Citizen spent much time working there. Art started calling again, and he returned to college to complete his course, still helping his mother after hours. Citizen is now a fully-fledged artist who has found his niche, and we are so glad we have connected.

Citizen finds he is most inspired with designing patterns for his beadwork, having no boundaries, and being able to see where the process takes him – and to make any changes or adjustments to his patterns as part of the process. His favourite work-space is in his garage, where he locks himself in for some quiet, creative time.

Citizen is also very much a family man, with 2 daughters, and a son on the way. He likes to let his wife to plan the family activities, but he really enjoys baking, visiting museums, and singing and dancing with his family.

We will unveil some of his work in a follow-up post, where we are planning an auction of his one-off gallery pieces, but for now we wanted you to meet this amazing man.