11.11 2016

Over the years, we have had some incredible requests, some incredibly funny moments, and worked with some amazing partners. As I have missed some of these moments in my absence, I gathered the team, to ask for a ‘top 5 list’. I did plan to shoot off a quick blog with all of them, but on gathering pics, I realized this was impossible. The only way to do the memories justice was to create a series of stories…. That way I can also savour the feel-good goosebump moments myself as I write!

Part 1. All aboard

As many of you may know, we don’t only create and sell the best wire and bead handmade craft this side of, well the universe – but our principle artists also offer workshops to anyone interested in learning a bit more / having a bit of team-building / birthday / hen party / book club fun – or for tour groups wanting to make their own gift to take home.

Sometimes, these workshops take our artists off site, mostly to some interesting spots, and once on a cruise-liner. To Mauritius!

Artwell Munenura, our principle sample artist (he deals with bespoke requests and cost estimates and constant interruptions from the sales-team), and Jethro Mare, all-round solid talent, in-house comedian, and the one and only grandmaster of the beaded gecko were invited onboard the MSC Rotterdam on it’s Voyage to Mauritius, to keep the guests entertained with wire-art workshops.

Not only was this a fantastic ‘trip-of-a-lifetime’ for Artie and Jethro, but the passengers enjoyed the workshops and the advice from Artwell, and the jokes from Jethro so much – that our two hero’s were apparently literally mobbed at breakfast every single morning for more help and design ideas!

Here are some of my favourite pics from the voyage. As for Artie and Jethro – they are hoping for another experience like that, so we’re holding thumbs for another opportunity!