08.03 2017



We have had a beautiful range of bowls in our shop for quite some time. They literally fly out faster than we can make them, so we realised that it was time to give them their own range and catalogue.

Therefore, we are proud to Introduce Thetha Kakhulu.

Thetha Kakhulu is Xhosa for ‘talks very much’.
These beautiful bowls are beaded by our ladies who sit in groups and
chat while they work. With the happy sounds of their chatter,
and the cheerful colours of the bowls, the name Thetha Kakhulu seemed
fitting for this range.

One of the beautiful things about this range is that no two bowls are the same. We have given the ladies free reign to decide which colours, patterns and bead-mixes they would like to bead. This uniqueness is what has added to their appeal with our retail shoppers.

That being said, if you have specific requests in terms of the colours, patterns, etc that you would like, then we’d be happy to oblige. Want plain cream beads, and all 20 bowls the same? Not a problem.

This catalogue should be available with our download pack on our website very soon. For now, just give us a shout via email and we will send it to you.