Looking back at 17 amazing years

October is a good month for us. It’s our birthday month, and this year we’re 17!

We’ve laughed, oh, we’ve laughed so very much. We’ve cried, we’ve danced. we’ve sung, we’ve stressed, we’ve said hello, and goodbye, and hello again to many faces, we’ve probably circumnavigated the globe a few times with the kilometres of wire we’ve used…

It’s a proud moment for us, and one not to be taken lightly, so excuse us for getting a little sentimental and retrospective, but we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and dig out some photos to share with you…

Taken in 2001, this shows co-founder and master artist Winston Rangwani showing how it’s done!


This photo was dated 2002 on our server, and shows the first wire train ever invented, and a very young looking Artwell, who is still working his magic with us!

In 2004, we had the Wilbert ‘potjie’.

Also in 2004, we made and sent a tree to Kirstenbosch. Don’t worry, we know they have enough plants – this one was for their shop display. Here’s a pic of the team involved with that project.

Somewhere around 2008, we unveiled the first original beaded replica of Nelson Mandela, created by Mike Carella and Riaan Hanekom. You will see only a handful of the original Streetwires versions around. One is at OR Thambo airport in Johannesburg at the International Departures terminal, and another is on Warwick Wine Estate.

In 2008, Fresh Living Mag came and did a photoshoot with us, for an article they published in their mag. This was during the time we gave birth to many flocks of sheep and baby lambs!


Our very first lifesize lion was seen roaming the hills before heading off to Design Indaba 2009

In 2010, Hamba Kahle, a local travel magazine, featured us in a very nice article.

2013 saw us working on a very exciting project for Le Creuset. You can read more here.

While we’re on the topic of awesome brands, in around 2014 we worked with Woolworths on an exciting packaging concept. To this day, you will see our beaded items printed onto most of their food packaging for the ‘Love Local’ range. Cool hey!

Now this was something cool from 2016 Рa beaded wine bottle for Backsberg, which they used as the centrepiece on their stand at an export wine show. You can read more here.

And then we moved! 2017 saw us moving to our new home opposite The Old Biscuit Mill. Have you spotted our giraffe? Tag us in a photo of it on Facebook, and we’ll send you a mystery discount coupon to spend in our shop!