Welcome to the new Streetwires Blog

Patrick Schofield with SW Tin Radio

Welcome to the brand new Streetwires Blog which just happens to coincide with our 12th birthday. Yep, this October, Streetwires will be 12 years old! And it all started when owner and founder Patrick Schofield happened upon a working wire and tin radio, the ingenuity of which so impressed him that a gem of an idea was born, an idea that a craft as dynamic, innovative and versatile as wire art deserved a strong supportive structure on which to grow the medium, and more, an opportunity to create meaningful, sustainable employment.

As it turned out, Patrick’s vision (considered crazy by some) was well timed and relevant as interest began to grow in this burgeoning craft. Corporates were clamoring for fresh and original gifts and international importers were looking to source high quality South African product. Today these sectors remain our biggest markets and between bespoke products and our range items we have almost 8000 products catalogued. Of course it would be impossible to list all 8000 of our products on our website, so we hope our new blog will allow us to show off the very best of our products and also to share events and milestones as they happen. We’re going to introduce you to our artists, tell you about what we’re up to and document some of the amazing one off pieces that we do for our wonderful clients.

And the little tin radio? A quick check on the database reveals that since 2000 we have made over 3000 of that style alone. Want to know more about our radios? Drop us a mail and we’ll get a catalogue to you.