Some totally random products


Not so long ago, I was searching our photo archives for something to put up on our Facebook Page (hope you’re following us on there!).

In my hunt, I found some really cool, and interesting products that can only be described as random. Some were client requests, others were product development tests, but these are my favourite examples of how far the imagination can stretch sometimes. Despite being well-designed and made, some of these made me giggle, and I hope they will put a smile on your face, or inspiration in your mind as you enjoy the small selection below:-

Meet the drumming tortoise. Never seen a full-fledged tortoise orchestra in the wild, but perhaps this is what they do around a campfire when no-one is looking!

Not so much a random product, but a random fact about this product is the level of accuracy to the real deal… Our beaded baboons come complete with pink bums!

To go with the drumming tortoise, perhaps to start a reggae band, we have the rasta gecko!

Definitely not a random product – this wire whale now lives on Dyer Island, as part of a Volkswagen initiative. It contains plastic rubbish as part of an awareness campaign. The random thing about this product is when it was finished, we realised it was too big to deliver. We had to hire a flat-bed trailer to get it there!

Coat-hanger brooch anyone? (These were actually designed for the Fashion Delegates for Design Indaba in 2009.)

And how about a car wearing a helmet? Yep, done!

Meet the beaded cockroach. From a quality and design perspective, this is a rather handsome fellow, but I don’t think I’d be too relaxed if I found one of these lying around!

Then we did the telephone wire fork. Maybe a 0/10 score for practicality if you are trying to eat some soup, but I’d say it scores very high when used as restaurant decor on a big scale, perhaps up on a wall. Quite striking!

Then…. How about a stand to hold your feather collection? Yep, been there, done that, got it sorted!

We even made a griffin for a bespoke request once.

Back to the coathanger… We’ve even done one in the shape of a dog’s bone!

Need something to keep all your invoices under control on your desk? We’ve made these wire holders for just that previously!

‘There’s an app for that.’ Seems to be the standard response these days. Not in this case. Introducing the abacus keyring! Perfect if your mobile phone runs out of juice, and you can’t use the calculator.

And just in case the ones that keep you awake on a summer’s night are not enough, you can now have a mosquito paperclip as a reminder. Our version is silent, though. Bonus!

While these don’t really work, they look fabulous!

We had many regular orders for this guy – a beaded slug. Definitely a much more pleasant version of the squishy garden variety!

Then lastly, this wire man is so cute, but he made me giggle because he certainly has a rather large belly!


With this rather fun collection, we’re looking forward to receiving all the new and interesting client briefs for 2018. Make sure to get them in in good time!